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Rich pickings

Dave Hill: Caveman In A Spaceship

@ Soho Theatre London, Friday 17 May

Review by Noel Mullen

‘I wouldn’t do a show like this if I was in it for the money’ says American-Irish musical-comedian Dave Hill in the penultimate night of his too-short Soho Theatre run.

And what was the show? Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Mixing witty and surrealist comedy stylings with truly excellent guitar-led music, this is palette cleansing stuff. Whatever was on audiences mind before they went in was completely wiped when they left. Some bounded out, some staggered and held on to the walls; all with a smile on their face, all left mesmerised by a comic genius.

Hill isn’t in it for the money, but he is doing his own uncompromising brand of comedy, and for that he is rich indeed.



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