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Could you be the 2024 Yorkshire Rose?

This year’s Rose of Tralee may have been only last month but the Yorkshire Rose Centre have begun their search for their 2024 Yorkshire Rose.

The Centre told The Irish World: “The Yorkshire Rose of Tralee Centre is now looking for females of Irish diaspora aged between 18 – 29 years who are proud of their heritage for our 2024 selection in April.

“The Rose Festival has moved with the times, single, married, have children or identifies as female are welcome to apply and partake.

“There are misconceptions about the Rose of Tralee and Rose applicants.

“You DO NOT have to be highly educated or proficient in music or dance.

“You DO NOT have to perform a party piece.

“As long as you are kind, caring, willing to make new friends and proud of your Irishness, that’s all that matters to us.

“We don’t care if you’re pink, purple, spotted blue or stripey green, as long as you’re proud of your Irish heritage, there’s a welcome here for you.

“Whether you were born in Great Britain or just studying/ working over here and would like to know more information, please contact us at any time.”

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Charlotte Sellers, who represented Yorkshire in Tralee last year, says: “I had the greatest honour of being selected as the 2022 Yorkshire Rose. I was given the opportunity to represent Yorkshire and my Irish heritage in the Rose of Tralee International Festival which celebrates what it means to be a young Irish woman or woman of Irish connections in the world as it is today, both nationally and internationally.

“Taking part in the Rose of Tralee was incredibly enriching and life changing. I was able to experience Ireland and what it has to offer through the eyes of its people, learn about its past and present, to connect with my own sense of Irishness and what it means to be Irish. We toured many beautiful counties in Ireland before we headed to the Kingdom of Kerry and Tralee town itself, for the start of the International Rose of Tralee Festival.

“I have made life long friendships, formed bonds built on kindness and the true meaning of sisterhood with other roses. Returning home from the Rose of Tralee Festival gave me a new sense of purpose and perspective about the importance of the festival and how it continues to change lives. Not only for the winner but for all the incredible young women who take part. This is something I will continue to carry with me for the rest of my life.

“I cannot thank everyone for the support, words of encouragement, well wishes and kindness shown to me on my journey. To my Yorkshire Centre and all they do, including past Roses to Christine Walker, Searlait Ramsey and Geraldine Duffy: There isn’t enough words to put together to show the gratitude I have.

“Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the fantastic sponsors here in Yorkshire and Ireland, that year after year, since 2016 make it all possible to send a young woman like myself to Tralee, to represent our Yorkshire Centre and our community. It is the kindness and support of you all who keep this fantastic organisation running, celebrating all things within the Irish diaspora and more.”

Established in 2016, The Yorkshire Rose of Tralee Centre is still very new and represented bi-annually in Tralee.

Potential roses can get in touch no matter where they live in the country, they will be connected to nearest rose centre.

If you want to be the 2024 Yorkshire Rose, you can email [email protected], get in touch via the Yorkshire Rose of Tralee of Centre Facebook page, or apply here.

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