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GAA confirm no inter-county games before October

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The GAA officials say we could still see club and inter-county championships in 2020, but have ruled out any inter-county games before October and say there is a lack of appetite for matches with no spectators.

Counties have been asked to suspend all activity until 20 July.

After that, training will resume at club level – providing officials are satisfied that it is safe to do so.

In a statement, they said: “The GAA notes and welcomes the plans published by the government last Friday and some of the dates included relating to the possible return of sporting activity, including Gaelic games.

“The Association will attempt to seek clarity around some of the issues that have arisen in internal discussions since last Friday including the challenge of social distancing in contact sport.

“GAA facilities are to remain closed as part of efforts to prevent gatherings which breach the restrictions.

“We are instructing our clubs and counties to continue to adhere to the restrictions and to refrain from organising on-field activity. These measures are expected to remain in place until July 20.

“We will continue to monitor the dates and timelines as revealed by the Government and our arrangements will remain under constant review.

“The GAA still firmly hopes to be able to play county and club competitions this year, subject of course to public health guidance. We can confirm however that no inter-county games are expected to take place before October.

“Counties are asked, in the interest of players, to suspend all inter-county training until further notice. There will be a phased resumption of training at both club and county level to allow players to prepare appropriately for playing games.

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“While not categorically ruling out the possible staging of games behind closed doors later in the year, there appears to be a lack of appetite for this type of fixture-scheduling at the current time across the wider Association.”

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