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Country singer Cliona Hagan announces Christmas engagement

takes decade overnight success Cliona Hagan

Cliona Hagan has announced her engagement to her boyfriend Simon over the Christmas holiday.
The country singer shared the news via social media on Christmas Eve with a photo of her diamond ring with the words, “Forever & Always…”

The singer told the weekend’s Sunday World that she had been surprised by her boyfriend Simon proposing when they both visited a lake in Westmeath: “We went down to our favourite lake, Lough Ree in Co Westmeath, where we always have a nice walk.

“Then I saw this beautiful arch and flowers, and a red carpet and candles. “He had my favourite song playing, Shania Twain’s You’re Still The One, and he just got down on one knee and proposed.

“The two of us were crying and it was such a beautiful moment I could hardly even speak.”


Speaking of her ring, Cliona said: “It’s just so beautiful, I can’t stop looking at it. It’s platinum, has a hexagon shape and there’s lots of diamonds. It’s absolutely fabulous. It’s everything and more that I could have wished for.

“Simon chose it and he did so good. He has great taste and he’s just such a stylish person anyway, so picking a ring was no bother to him.

“Simon is the most romantic person you’ll ever meet, I got a great guy with this one.

“We’re best friend and we’ve been together as a couple now for two years. It has worked out so beautifully because we were friends to begin with.”

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Simon comes from the Sheerin family who are well known in Ireland’s music scene. His brother, Tom Sheerin, was fiddle player and musical director of Nathan Carter’s band for many years.

Simon has worked with several bands, including Lisa McHugh’s and is currently a member of Cliona’s.
On possible wedding dates, Cliona said: “Well, we’re going to enjoy the engagement first, and then we’ll see how the whole Covid thing is looking before we plan for a wedding.

“We would love everyone we want to be there to celebrate our big day.”

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